Revision notes for the Magento Developer Certification exam.


  1. Basics

    Introduction to Magento code hierarchies, modules and configuration.

  2. Request Flow

    Learn how Magento bootstraps itself and handles requests.

  3. Rendering

    Understand how pages are rendered through the use of themes, layouts, blocks and templates

  4. Databases

    Discover models, resources models and collections.

  5. EAV

    Entity Attribute Value tables, explained.

  6. Adminhtml

    Manage admin area forms and grids.

  7. Catalog

    Find out about categories, products, layered navigation and taxes.

  8. Checkout

    Covering quotes, orders and shipping and payment methods

  9. Sales

    Order creation and management

  10. Advanced

    Extra notes about API and Widgets

Study Guide Questions

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